A separate company has become the construction division of HMP keeping the levels of quality and reliability that the Civil Engineering industry has come to expect.

Throughout HMP’s history, a large portion of construction personnel have ten years or more of service gaining much expertise in their various operations. BS Concrete First Aid encourages team managers and supervisors to up skill, opening opportunities to advance to senior positions while grooming future leaders in an expanding company.

BSCFA teams constantly attend workshops for demonstrations and instruction of new equipment, rehabilitation and protection methods. Not only do these sessions stimulate and educate, they identify personnel who are best suited in various positions within the company.

Repeated essential training in management skills, mechanical operation and equipment maintenance, scaffolding and support safety disciplines, plus first aid are but a few work and life skills necessary for construction teams to perform efficiently on construction sites. This has resulted in achieving continuous ‘Five shield’ Dekra rating and minimum injuries.

Concrete First Aid

A comprehensive repair and protection solutions performed by HMP include:

  • Site investigation and diagnostic testing
    (diamond drilled core sampling, Schmidt hammer, carbonation testing and soil sampling)
  • Environmental study
    (Acid rain, chemical and coastal corrosion, thermal shock, abrasive conditions)
  • Complete diagnostic test reporting
    (in conjunction with the Cement and Concrete Institute of South Africa and specialist laboratories)
  • Photographic record
    (meticulous capture of affected structures to support reports
  • Complete repair procedures
    (practical solutions, recommendations and cost estimates for structural rehabilitation)

With this knowledge and meticulous pro active planning, HMP has earned the reputation to perform as a reliable, cost effective and time efficient contractor to a number of diverse projects undertaken of varying size and complexity.

Some common causes that compromise concrete structures:

  • Acid rain
  • Contaminated water
  • Insufficient cover to reinforcing steel
  • Poorly vibrated concrete
  • Unsuitable founding materials
  • Coastal saline atmosphere
  • Chemical corrosion
  • Sub standard manufacturing equipment installation
  • Unsuitable and unstable soil conditions
  • Weather and climate